Video from past rides

Women’s Freedom Ride 2013

In 2013, the Women’s Freedom Ride began with a cross country motorcycle ride, from Charleston, SC to San Diego, CA. There were 13 women riders, who completed the entire ride, with other women riders joining in as we traversed this great nation. What an amazing time, meeting other ladies who shared the same love of riding, and meeting people across this nation that stood by us in support of our Veterans.

On that ride we raised enough donations to buy a track wheelchair, through the Independence Fund, for a severely wounded Veteran. We had the honor of meeting this great Veteran and presenting the check during the LT. Dan Weekend in Charleston SC. 


Women’s Freedom Ride 2016

In 2016, the Women’s Freedom Ride once again traversed this great nation.
The ride took 18 days, covering 18 states, with the corp group of riders riding over 5,500 miles. Twenty-three women rode the entire ride, with hundreds of women joining in across the country, raising awareness of, and showing support for women riders, with event stops in each of the 18 states.

We not only rode to promote and support women motorcyclist, but also raised $12,486 for the Military Warriors Organization. One hundred percent of the donations we raised went to help the Military Warriors Support Foundation in providing a mortgage-free home, provided by their banking partners, for a wounded female Combat Veteran and Purple Heart recipient.

We believe that our Veterans, and their families, have given so much for us, and we were proud and honored to be able to give back to them.

Women’s Freedom Ride 2017

In 2017, the Women’s Freedom Ride went on another amazing ride across this great nation.

The riders covered 19 states in 18 days, with the core group of riders covering over 5,600 miles, with event stops in every state. There were women, that started in Charleston SC, that came from as far away as Oregon, Washington, Maine and Texas. Women riders joined in from all over the country, coming together to show support for women riders, and for our countries military.

On this years ride, we rode to raise funds for service dogs for Combat Veterans, with 100% of donations given to the Patriot Rovers Org. These beautiful animals are amazing, they can detect if the soldier is going to have a seizure, remind them to take medications and block them from taking it when it already has been. The dogs are trained to hit an alert button if the soldier is not responsive, and so much more … but most of all … they give unconditional love and companionship. 

Women’s Freedom Ride 2018

Our route was loop across the United States, allowing more women the opportunity to be involved. Covering 22 states over 18 days, June 2nd through June 19th, with the route taking us through sections of the following great states: SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, TX, NM, AZ, CO, KS, NB, IA, MO, IL, IN, OH, WV, PA, MD, VA, NC (Some states we will ride through twice

Women’s Freedom Ride has chosen a wonderful charity for 2018 ride and are honored to have the opportunity to work with them. We  partnered with Independence Corps, to help improve the quality of life for our Veterans.
Our Veterans do so much for this country and it’s an honor to have the opportunity to give back to them.