The year 2019 is the year that all women riders will come together, as one, and we will set the record for the most women riding on motorcycles in one event!

ALL women riders are welcome to come join us, no matter what type of motorcycle you ride! It’s about supporting and encouraging each other while breaking a worlds record!

The Women’s Freedom Ride is proud to announce that our next  ride will have Ride Captains that will be starting close to the 4 corners of the USA, Florida, Arizona, Utah, and Pennsylvania. We will also have Ride Captains starting in the central N, E, S, and W areas, Las Vegas NV, Louisiana, Charlotte NC, Sioux Falls SD . . . all coming together to ride into the center of the USA, Topeka Kansas! We are setting up the support areas where riders can join in, like Bumpus HD in Murfreesboro TN, and HD World in Oklahoma City!

See RALLY ROUTES 2019 FOR DETAILS **Must have signed waivers before joining the ride**

This event is to promote, encourage, and show support for all women riders, regardless of the brand name of their ride. All women are welcome to join in at any point, whether for a few hours, or a few days.
 (Sorry, guys, no gentlemen.)

You can join in and ride with the Women’s Freedom Riders, as they cross the country, or you can ride in on your own.

We will have events, vendors, music, and so much more! Something for everyone!!

Please make plans now to come together with other with other female motorcyclist and let’s break that record! 


If you would like to be a part of this amazing adventure, email for more information.
If you are a business or dealership and would like to be involved in our event, or become a sponsor of the Women’s Freedom Ride, please feel free to contact us for further information, contact Karen at 704-267-4450 or email
Let’s Ride Ladies!!