Route 2018

Women’s Freedom Ride 2018 Route

This is the very basic daily plan for this years WOMEN’S FREEDOM RIDE, concerning the city’s/states will be in on the 2018 ride. 
(Our specific route varies due to events/sponsored stops and construction etc… and will be updated according.)

Want to sponsor an event for the Women’s Freedom Ride as they come through your area? Call Karen @ 704-267-4450

Saturday: June 2nd North Charleston, SC to Madison, FL
 (Savannah GA and Jacksonville, FL)
Sunday, June 3rd Madison, FL to Biloxi, MS
(through AL)
Monday, June 4th Biloxi, MS to Natchitoches, LA
Tuesday, June 5th Natchitoches, LA to Ft Worth, TX
Wednesday, June 6th Ft Worth, TX to Odessa, TX
Thursday, June 7th Odessa, Las to Cruces, NM
Friday, June 8th Las Cruces, NM to Scottsdale, AZ
Saturday, June 9th Scottsdale, AZ to Grand Canyon, NM
Sunday, June 10th Grand Canyon, NM to Pagosa Springs, CO
Monday, June 11th Pagosa Springs, CO (layover day)
Tuesday, June 12th Pagosa Springs, CO to Sharon Spring, KS
Wednesday, June 13th Sharon Spring, KS to Lincoln, NE
Thursday, June 14th Lincoln, NE to Jacksonville, IL
Friday, June 15th Jacksonville, IL to Dayton, OH
Saturday, June 16th Dayton, OH to Maryland
June 17th (Layover in MD to visit Veterans and National Monuments)
Monday, June 18th MD to NC
Tuesday, June 19th Let’s go home to SC!

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