Route 2018

Women’s Freedom Ride 2018 Route




Low Country Harley Davidson
4707 Dorchester Rd
N. Charleston SC

KSU: 7:00 AM
I-526 to Hwy 17 S 95 S to exit 94
Approx. 120 miles
Arrive Approx. 9:15 AM
Gas on Right (Cross Street)

Savannah Harley Davidson
1 Fort Argyle Rd
Savannah, GA

KSU: 10:30 AM
I-95 S to Exit 1
Exit 1, turn left on St Mary’s Rd
Turn Left
Approx. 93 miles
Arrive Approx. 12:00 noon

Pilot Gas Station
491 St. Mary’s Rd.
St. Mary’s, GA

KSU: 12:30 PM
I-95 S – Exit 362 B
Ramp Right for I-295 S (21 miles)
Exit 12 for SR-21 To Orange Park  ( 2 miles)
Turn Right on Blanding Blvd.  (.7 miles)
Left onto Wells Rd
Approx. 55 miles
Arrive Approx. 1:30 PM

Adamec Harley-Davidson
1520 Wells Rd
Orange Park, FL

KSU: 3:00 PM
Local Gas Station
KSU: 3:30 PM
I-295 N (11.3 miles)
Exit 21 B for I-10 W  ( 98 miles)
Exit 258 for SR-53 to Madison (.2 miles)
Approx. 112 miles
Approx. Arrival 5:30 PM
Madison, FL

MADISON, FL to D’lberville, MS

KSU: 8:00 AM
(Time Zone – Gain an Hour)
I-10 West (115 Miles)
Exit 142  Left on SR- 71 S
Turn Left on Garden Lane
Approx: 116 Miles
Approx. Arrival 9:00 AM

(Meet up with lady riders for escort to TA and refreshments)

TA Truck Stop
2112 Highway 71
Marianna, FL

KSU: 9:45 AM
I-10 West (131 miles)
Exit 10-A for US-29 South (2.3 miles)
Dealership on Right
Approx. 134 miles
Approx. Arrival 12:00 PM

Pensacola Harley-Davidson
6385 Pensacola Dr
Pensacola, FL

**Gas Up at nearby gas station before KSU from dealership
KSU: 1:45 PM
I-10 West (106 Miles)
Exit 46D-B Ramp right for I-110 South toward Biloxi
(2.3 miles)
Exit 2 Ramp Right toward D’lberville,
Left on Rodriguez ST (.3 miles)
Right on Central
Approx. 111 Miles
Approx. Arrival 4:00 PM
D’lberville, MS

Women’s Freedom Ride 2018 – Mississippi Muster
Thank you to the VFW Post 2434 – Biloxi, MS for your support!


D’lberville, MS to Natchiotches, LA

KSU: 6:30 AM
I-10 West (52 miles)
Keep Right for I-12 West
I-12 West (73 miles)
Exit 12 Ramp Right
Right on LA-1026 (Juban Rd)
Station on Right
Approx. 129 Miles
Approx. Arrival 8:45 AM

27750 Juban Rd.
Denham Springs, LA

KSU: 9:30 AM
Ramp Left for I-12 West (Go 11 miles)
Stay left for I-10 West (Towards Lafayette/Scott) (Go 62 Miles)
Exit 97 Ramp Right)
Left on LA-93
At Roundabout take 3rd exit onto Frontage Rd Left onto 10 South Frontage Rd
Approx  79 Miles
Approx Arrival 11:00 AM

Cajun Harley Davidson
724 I-10 S Frontage Rd
Scott, LA

**Gas up before lining up to leave
KSU: 1:00 PM
I-10 east (5.8 miles)
Exit 103-B Ramp Right
I-49 North (83.9 miles)
Exit 83 (Ramp Right)
Right on Broadway Ave. (.8 miles)
Continue straight on North Mall Drive
Approx. 76 Miles
Approx. Arrival  2:45 PM

Taboo Harley-Davidson
2030 N Mall Drive
Alexandria, LA
318 319-2982

**Gas up before leaving
KSU: 4:30 PM
I-49 North (54 Miles)
Exit 138 (Ramp Right)
Approx. 55.7 miles
Approx. Arrival 5:30 PM

Natchitoches, La


Natchitoches, LA to White Settlement, TX

KSU: 7:00 AM
I-49 N (62 miles)
Exit 201 Ramp Right towards Dallas (7 miles)
Exit 1B Ramp Right  I-20 West
Exit 3 for LA-169 South
Left on LA-169,
Right on Greenwood
Approx. 79 miles
Approx. Arrival 8:30 AM

Loves (GAS)
9600 Highway 80
Greenwood, LA

KSU: 9:15 AM
I-20 West (98 miles)
Exit 540 Ramp Right
Right on Oak St
Approx. 99.5 miles
Approx. Arrival 11:00 AM

Loves Travel Stop
1188 S Oak St.
Van, TX
Gas and Lunch

KSU: 1230 PM
I-20 West (97 miles)
Right on US-287N
Keep Left on US-287N (Martin L King Jr Freeway) (5 miles)
Ramp Left for I-30 West (Toward Abilene) (8 miles)
Exit 7A (Ramp Right)
Approx: 113.9 miles
Approx. Arrival 2:15 PM

White Settlement, TX

Thank you FT Worth Harley Davidson!

KSU: 6:00 PM
(Escort, Going 3.4 miles)

Ft Worth HD Bike Night!
3025 W. Loop 820 S.
Ft Worth, TX

White Settlement, TX to Odessa, TX

KSU: 7:00 AM
I-30 W Fwy Ramp Left for I-30 West  (7.9 miles)
Keep Straight I-20 W (70 Miles)
Exit 349 (Right)
Approx. 79 miles
Approx. Arrival 8:30 AM

Loves Travel Stop
1600 W Loop 254
Ranger, TX

KSU: 9:00 AM
I-20 West (71 Miles)
Exit 277 (Ramp Right)
Approx. 73 Miles
Approx Arrival 10:15 AM

Flying J
101 N FM 707
Tye, TX

KSU: 10:45 AM
I-20 West (96 Miles)
Exit 179 (Ramp Right)
Approx. 99.9 Miles
Approx. Arrival 12:30 PM

Big Spring Harley-Davidson
908 W. 3rd St. Hwy 80
Big Spring, TX

KSU: 2:00 PM
I-20 West (41 Miles)
Exit 126 (Ramp Right / Airport)
Right TX-349
Approx 51 Miles
Approx Arrival 3:00 PM

Midland, TX


Midland, TX to Las Cruces, NM

KSU: 6:30 AM
I-20 West (84 Miles)
Exit 42 (Ramp Right)
Left S Cedar St
Approx 86 Miles
Approx Arrival 8:00 AM

Loves Travel Stop
5202 S Cedar St.
Pecos, TX

KSU: 8:30 AM
I-20 West (42 Miles)
Straight onto I-10 West (45 Miles)
Exit 140B (Ramp Right) On Right
#Time Zone
Approx. 88 Miles
Approx Arrival 9:00 AM

Loves Travel Stop
810 E Broadway
Van Horn, TX

KSU: 9:30 AM
I-10 West (109 Miles)
Exit 30 (Ramp Right)
Left on Lee Trevino Dr
Right on Burnham Dr
Right on Cinco Lane
Approx. 111 Miles
Approx. Arrival 11:30 AM

Barnett’s Harley Davidson
8272 Gateway E
El Paso, TX

KSU: 1:00 PM
I-10 West (53 Miles)
Exit 140 (Ramp Right)
Approx 54 Miles
Approx Arrival 2:00 PM

Las Cruces, NM


Las Cruces, NM to Scottsdale, AZ

KSU: 6:30 AM

I-10 West (119 Miles)
West Motel Dr. (Ramp Right)

Approx 120 Miles
Approx Arrival 8:30 AM

Loves Travel Stop
900 W Motel Dr
Lordsburg, NM
KSU: 9:00 AM

I-10 West (71.2 Miles)
Ramp Right
Exit 340
Left on Fort Grant Rd

Approx. 72.6 Miles
Approx. Arrival 10:15 AM

1190 W Rex Allen Dr.
Willcox, AZ
KSU: 10:45 AM

I-10 (72.4 Miles)
Ramp Right
Exit 268
Straight on Benson
Right on Craycroft

Approx. 73.3 Miles
Approx. Arrival: 12:00 pm

Pilot Travel Center
5570 E Travel Plaza Way
Tucson, AZ
Lunch and Gas
KSU: 1:30 PM

I-10 West (58 Miles)
Ramp Right
Exit 208
Right on Sunshine

Approx: 59.7 Miles
Approx. Arrival 2:30 PM

Pilot Travel Center
619 S Sunshine Blvd.
Eloy, AZ
KSU: 3:00 PM

I-10 West (47 Miles)
Ramp Right
Exit 161
Right on AZ-202-loop east (4 miles)
Ramp Right
Exit 150
AZ-101-loop North (21.8 Miles)
Ramp Right Exit 40
Left on East Cactus (2 miles)
Right on Scottsdale Rd (.9 miles)
Make U-turn

Approx. 76.3 Miles
Approx. Arrival: 4:15 PM

Garage Party!
Scottsdale Harley-Davidson
15656 North Hayden Rd
Scottsdale, AZ


Scottsdale, AZ to Cameron, AZ

KSU: 7:00 AM
AZ-101 W to exit 23 C-B (12 Miles)
17 N (75 Miles)
Exit 289 (Ramp Right)
Approx. 92 Miles
Approx. Arrival 8:45 AM

Chevron Gas Station
320 Castle Ln.
Camp Verde, AZ

KSU: 9:15 AM
17 N (49 Miles)
Exit 340B (Ramp Right)
I-40 W (32 Miles)
Exit 63 (Ramp Right)
R on Grand Canyon Blvd
Approx 83 Miles
Approx Arrival: 10:45 AM

Loves Travel Stop
1055 N Grand Canyon Blvd.
Williams, AZ  Gas and Snack

KSU: 11:30 AM
I-40 E to AZ-64 N
Approx 50 Miles
Approx Arrival 1:00 PM

Grand Canyon Village
Arizona, United States

KSU: 3:00 PM (?)
AZ-64 (52 Miles)
US 89 N (1.6 Miles)
Approx 54 Miles
Approx Arrival 4:30 PM

Cameron, AZ


Cameron, AZ to Pagosa Springs, CO

This is an escorted ride through AZ-UT, the Four Corners, to Pagosa Springs.

KSU: 6:30 AM
This route is planned by our Wind Sisters/Honor Riders

DAY 10 MONDAY 11 JUNE Layover in Pagosa Springs
Hot Spings/Whitewater Rafting


Pagosa Springs, CO to Garden City, KS

KSU: 6:30 AM
US-160 (72 Miles)
Approx. 72.6 Miles
Approx. Arrival 8:00 AM

1537 Grande Ave.
Monte Vista, CO

KSU: 8:30 AM
US-160 (88 Miles)
I-25BL  (2 Miles)
Approx. 91 Miles
Approx. Arrival 10:15 AM

455 US Hwy 85 87
Walsenburg, CO Lunch/Gas

KSU: 11:45 PM
I-25 S (2.3 Miles)
Exit 50 (Ramp Right)
US-160 – CO-10 (71 Miles)
I-50 E (32 Miles)
Approx 130 Miles
Approx. Arrival 2:00 PM

Flying J
708 N Main St.
Lamar, CO

KSU: 2:30 PM
I-50 E (75 Miles) Ramp Right
Time Zone Lose an Hour
Approx. 95.4 Miles
Approx Arrival 4:15 PM
(We will be stopping to meet our escort)

Love’s 1500 N Jones Ave.  Holcomb, KS
Escort to Hotel and Event

Garden City, KS

Bike Night on the Prairie!!
Come Join us!


Garden City, KS to Lincoln, NE

KSU: 7:00 AM
KS-156 (102 Miles)
Approx 103 Miles
Approx. Arrival 9:00 AM

Kwik Stop
1323 Broadway St
Larned, KS

KSU: 9:30 AM
US-56/KS-156 (26 Miles)
Left KS-156 (47.9 Miles)
Ramp Right I-70 East (26.9 Miles)
Right on 9th St
Approx. 102 Miles
Approx. Arrival  11:30 AM

Pilot Travel
1944 N 9th ST
Salina, KS
Lunch and Gas

KSU: 1:00 PM
I-70 W (1.5 Miles)
Ramp Right Exit 250 B
US-81 N (67 Miles)
Approx 68.8 Miles
Approx Arrival 2:15 PM

Love’s Travel Center
1356 US Highway 81
Belleville, KS

KSU: 2:45 P.M.
US-81 N (71Miles)
I-80 E (46 Miles)
Ramp Right Exit 389

Lincoln, NE

HOG Dinner!!!
Frontier Harley-Davidson
205 NW 40th St
Lincoln, NE
Phone: 402-466-9100


Lincoln, NE to South Jacksonville, Ill

KSU: 7:00 AM
NE-2 (47 Miles)
IA-2 (2.7 Miles)
Exit onto 210th Ave
Approx 55 Miles
Approx Arrival 8:15 AM

Pilot Travel Center
2495 210th Ave.
Percival, IA

KSU: 8:45 AM
I-29 South (89 Miles)
US-169 Left on 169
Approx 90.7 Miles
Approx Arrival 10:15 AM

Loves Travel Center
4601 S Leonard Rd.
St Joseph, MO

KSU: 10:45 AM
Left US-169
Ramp Right I-29 North (1.5 Miles)
Exit 46A  US-36 East/I-35 North (67 Miles)
Ramp Right US-65
Approx. 71 Miles
Approx Arrival 12 PM

Wabash BBQ
1 Elm St.
Chillicothe, MO

KSU: 1:30 PM
US-36 East (98.6 Miles)
Ramp Right  US-24/US-36
Approx. 102 Miles
Approx Arrival 3:30 PM

BP (multiple gas stations available)
1007 US HWY 24/36
East Monroe City, MO

KSU: 4:00 PM
US-36 East/I-72 (84 Miles)
Ramp Right Exit 64
Left on IL-267
Approx: 85.8 Miles
Approx Arrival 5:30 PM

South Jacksonville, IL

(Dinner with Veteran at 7)


South Jacksonville, ILL to Springfield, OH

KSU- 6:00 AM
I-72/US-36 East  (38 Miles)
Exit 98 Ramp Right I-72 east (29.9 Miles)
Keep Left on I-72 East (48.9 Miles)
Exit 182-B Ramp Right for I-77 North (2.2 Miles)
Exit 237-A Ramp Right (4.8 Miles)
Exit 184 Ramp Right US-485/Cunningham Dr
Approx 125 Miles
Approx Arrival 8:00 AM

Phillips (Multiple Gas Stations)
1812 N Cunningham Ave.
Urbana, IL

KSU: 8:30 AM
I-74 East (109 Miles)
Time Zone – Lose an hour
Ramp Left I-465 South/I-74 East (15.8 miles)
Exit 53-B Ramp Right I-65 South (2.6 Miles)
Exit 103 Ramp Right
Left on Southport
Right on Emerson
Right on Southport Crossing
Approx. 128 Miles
Approx Arrival 12:00 PM

Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson
4930 Southport Crossing Place
Indianapolis, IN
Lunch Gas Up

KSU: 1:30 PM
Left on Emerson
Left On Southport Ramp Right I-65 North  (2.8 Miles)
Ramp Right Exit 106
I-465 (9 Miles) Ramp Right
Exit 44-B for I-70 East (121 Miles)
Ramp Right Exit 54 OH-72
Approx 134 Miles
Approx Arrival 4:00 PM

Springfield, OH

Mid-Ohio Harley Davidson
2100 Quality Lane
Springfield, OH


Springfield, OH to Hagerstown, PA

KSU: 7:00 AM
I-70 East (105.7 Miles) Ramp Right
Exit 160  Left on Sonora
Approx. 106.9 Miles
Approx Arrival  8:45 AM

Love’s Travel Stop
605 Sonora Rd.
Zanesville, OH

KSU: 9:15 AM
I-70 East (58.8 Miles)
Ramp Right Exit 219  I-470 East (10.5 Miles)
Ramp for I-70 East (26.7 Miles)
Exit 18 ramp Right I-70 North (15 Miles)
Exit 54 Ramp Right for PA-50
Right on Bower Hill Right on Painters Run
Straight on Gilkeson Left on Washington
Approx 116 Miles
Approx Arrival 11:30 AM

Steel City Harley Davidson
1375 Washington Rd.
Mt Lebanon Township, PA
Gas Up!

KSU: 1:00 PM
I-376 East (Keep Right) (16 Miles)
Ramp Right Exit 85 I-76 East (19 Miles)
Keep Straight Pennsylvania Turnpike (70.5 Miles)
Exit Bedford Intr Ramp Right for Altoona
Left on US-220
Approx. 111 Miles
Approx arrival 3:15 PM

4354 Business 220
Bedford, PA

**Gas up
KSU: 3:45 PM
I-70 East (16 Miles)
Ramp Right (Breezewood Interchange)
I-70 East toward Baltimore (2.1 Miles)
Ramp Straight on I-70 then Left on I-70 East (48 Miles)
Exit 26 Ramp Right I-81 North (1.4 Miles)
Exit 5A Ramp Right on Halfway Blvd East
Approx 65 Miles
Approx Arrival 5:15 PM

Hagerstown, MD



(JUNE 17th Event in Gaithersburg MD – Layover date)

(Event time TBA)

District Harley-Davidson
7830 Airpark Road,
Gaithersburg, MD
Phone: 301-948-4581


Hagerstown, PA to Rocky Mount, NC

KSU: 7:00 AM
I-70 East (25 Miles)
Exit 53 Ramp Right  I-270 South (23.3 Miles)
Keep Right on I-270 (6.7 Miles)
Keep Right on I-270 South Spur (2 Miles)
Straight on I-495 South (Beltway) (17.3 Miles)
Exit 57-A Ramp Right I-95 South (40.6 Miles)
Exit 130-B Ramp Right
Right on Carl D Silver Pkwy
Approx 119 Miles
Approx Arrival 9:30 AM

2001 Carl D Silver Pkwy.
Fredericksburg, VA

KSU: 10:00 AM
I-95 South (51.4 Miles)
Bear Left on I-95 South Richmond Petersburg Turnpike (3.1 Miles)
Straight on I-95 South (21.4 Miles)
Exit 54 Ramp Right  for VA-144
Right on Temple Ave
Right on Whitehall Blvd
Approx 80 Miles
Approx Arrival 11:45 AM

Colonial Harley-Davidson
1701 Temple Pkwy.
Prince George, VA
Lunch event

**Gas Up
KSU: 1:45 PM
I-95 South (94.8 Miles)
Exit 138-A Ramp Right
US-64 BYP (2.4 Miles)
Exit 466 Ramp Right
Left on Winstead Ave

Rocky Mount, NC


Rocky Mount, NC to North Charleston, SC

KSU: 8:00 AM
I-95 South (90 Miles)
Exit 49 Ramp Right Cedar Creek Rd
Approx 92 Miles
Approx Arrival 9:30 AM

BP (multiple Gas Stations)
1930 Cedar Creek Rd.
Fayetteville, NC

KSU: 10:00 AM
I-95 South (76.9 Miles)
Exit 170 Ramp Right
Approx 85 Miles
Approx Arrival 11:30 AM

Pilot Travel
3006 N Williston Rd
Florence SC
**Gas  (Lunch nearby)

KSU: 1:30 PM
I-95 South
I-26 East

Hello Charleston 🙂 Thank you for riding along with us on this amazing adventure!